Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dear Harlot,

Do you remeber when I wrote you last year that I was pregnant? (See previous post). Baby Gabriella joined us this winter and is a happy, healthy baby.

Except that she was tongue-tied. Very painful for me when breastfeeding! But I rented a breast pump. persevered, and as it turned out, that was the least of our problems.

After some seemingly awful indigestion during my pregnancy and postpartum, I learned I actually had gallstones. This is commom in pregnant women, but no one told me! Surgery was when Gabby was 8 weeks. Good thing I had rented a breast pump!

On the day of my surgery, Mike came home from a business trip with a broken wrist. My mom moved in to help. The day after Mike had his cast removed, Gabby and I were in a car accident. Unbelivably, I broke my wrist. Thankfully, Gabby is fine.

Now all of that is bad -- stress producing, really. But the real kicker is the lack of knitting in my house. Since breaking my wrist 4 weeks ago, I have knit these things with one hand -- a modified continental stitch, if you will. There is a stripey dress for Lizzie's knitted babe (knitted, but not finished), another stripey dress cast on, and the beginnings of a garter stitch bib.

To make matters worse, my baby is out of hand knits to wear! The last sweater I knit her was made of superwash wool, but felted in the wash!

When I read your recent postings about the beautiful baby sweater you knitted, I was tempted to order a kit. But really, I can't imagine I could actually knit it! So dear Harlot, if you find yourself with more sweaters than babies, consider the hand-knit needs of Gabriella. She would apreciate the gift and make a terrific model!


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