Saturday, August 05, 2006

Since you noticed . . .

Well, a couple of you have noticed my Birch shawl in lime Kid Seta. Doesn't take much to encourage me! I'll finish the story.

City Knitting and the capable Lorilee still had another ball of lime Kid Seta in stock. So while the Knitting Olympics were over, I was able to finish the shawl. I love it.

Last Sunday my friend Diane and I headed out to Ann Arbor to see the Harlot. I brought the shawl. The Harlot had recently been told that she could knit Birch in 2 skeins. I scoffed and showed her my four skein shawl. She noticed my "big" guage. Well fine.

Production knitting and summer don't go together. Especially when you're 41 and you just find out you're pregnant five years after your husband's vasectomy. (sob) But I picked up baby knitting materials in Ann Arbor and I have a few things on the needles.

The first is another shawl. This one is from the Vogue Knitting 2005. I'm knitting it in a purple handspun mohair blend and on much smaller needles. The pattern calls for size 9 needles and I'm using size 6 needles.

There are only four pattern rows, but I keep making mistakes! I think I'm having trouble focusing -- see paragraph 4. (sob)

Part of my reason for making this shawl is that I think it may be good for nursing in public, which I believe in as much as knitting in public.

Also on the needles is a Knitted Babe for my babe, Lizzie. I'm to the stuffing part, but haven't quite finished that up. The babe currently looks a little like a voodoo doll with the needle stuck in its neck.

Off to sit with Lizzie. I just took her temp and she's at 101. Oh boy.


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