Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Knitted yarn

Knitted yarn.

Thinking back to summer. The good old days. Knitting on the screened porch. When my knitting worked.

I present Birch in Liqueur.

Birch did present a few difficulties. Like my #8 circular needles were just not up for the job. I substituted #6 straights. Birch knitted up very nicely, and I thought it was to gauge, but when I measured after BO, it was a little short. The pattern says 84” x 40” in length. I got 68” in width and 38” in length. Hmmm.

Still, when Molly (17) came home one day and saw it she said, “Mom, why can’t you ever knit something like this normal? What she meant is that she liked the Birch stitch pattern, but not the fact that it is a shawl. Apparently that’s weird. Scarves are where it’s at. But for a 17-year-old daughter, I am taking this as a compliment. Yep. Sure enough.

Close up? Right here.

With the leftover Birch yarn I have been knitting baby booties. It’s not pretty. I can’t even take pictures. Blocking? I would have to block those booties to bits. Rip? I’d rather toss.

Until then, . . . off to play volleyball with friends.


Anonymous jan from alaska said...

Do you mean that your shawl, which is beautiful, is made from yarn made from birch tree fiber? I am looking for a source of birch yarn. Can you help? Thanks!

3:14 PM  

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