Saturday, October 08, 2005

Careful, now!

I began knitting potato chip. It's brown. A nice brown, really. But you know those directions for potato chip? The ones that say to use a 32" #8 circular needle? Well. I didn't do it. I used a #9 circular needle, andit wasn't 32 inches. It was more like, I don't know, 12 inches.

When I cast on 180 stitches I had plenty of room. When I got to row 2 and had doubled my stitches, I was okay. When I got to row 4 and doubled my stitches again, things got a little, well, squeezy.

Like this.

That is 180 + 180 + 180 = 480 stitches crammed on my short little circular. Now the directions call to double this beauty again. That would make it ?960?. Holy cow. This ain't nevah gonna work.

So, to rip or not to rip. I avoided the whole thing and cast on for a cable knit sweater for nephew Connor. Apparently the powers that be did not approve of my knitting fix-it, because I dropped a stitch. Upon discovery, blue boy sweater was heaved aside so I could fall asleep on the sofa.

On the needles then, I have baby booties, socks, scarf, another scarf, hubbie's vest, and blue boy sweater. I do not need to knit blue boy sweater right now, which reminds me -- I do have an 8" circular that is at least longer than 12". Hmmm, I have a potato chip to knit!

Sandy and I ran into each other at school and she mentioned she didn't know how to knit into the front and back of a stitch, so of course, she stopped up short in knitting potato chip. Sandy, here is a small tutorial that I hope will help.

(digging out brown potato chip again). Remember when I let you learn to knit instead of learn to do computer applications . . . wait, wait, wait . . . remember when I taught you to knit with a little rhyme that goes, "under the fence, catch the sheep, back we come, off we leap." Well, this is under the fence . . .

And then catch the sheep. But instead of off we leap, keep the stitch on the needle.

Then, go under the fence on the back of the needle, like this:

So, now you've gone under the fence in the loop at the front of the needle, come back, gone under the loop in the back of the needle. Catch the sheep and come back. Now when you leap off, you will have two stitches, like this:

Those two freshly made stitches are the ones just made "in front and in back." Get it? If not, come see me during break or study hall or something. You know I always make time for a knitting dilemma.


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