Monday, February 20, 2006

1, 2, skip a few, 99, 100!

Birch is 100 stitches lighter!

While this doesn't seem like much, I roughly calculate that this is about 55% through the project. It's going to be a tight finish.

In other news, Friday night was the Daddy Daughter Dance at our local school. The Lockwood Daddy and Daughter team were signed up, but Lizzie succumbed to mom's cold early Friday morning. Bravely, or maybe just because she was excited to wear her new clothes, Lizzie donned her dancing apparel and waited for papa to get ready.

With hair curled and lipstick applied, Daddy emerged for a picture . . .

...and Lizzie decided to stay home. Ah, well.

The next night was Molly's turn. She and friend Roo dressed in their finest and dined at the local upscale eatery with 20 of their closest friends. Ah, homecoming.

The real travesty of the weekend was the loss of a trip to Chelsea on Saturday. Every year, 6 to 10 women pile in a van and motor across the State of Michigan to attend the Shepherd's Flock wool sale in the Chelsea middle school cafeteria. Afterward we head over to the Common Grill for the most delectable lunch! This is my absolute favorite day of the year.

But this year Lizzie was sick and Mike had to work, and I just didn't feel comfortable leaving a sick girl home with sleeping teenagers, so I skipped the fun. I'm still grieving. Ah, %#*motherhood.


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