Monday, November 07, 2005

It's November!

Time to move on to the hat.

I propose we make the hat pattern by Bonne Marie. Sandy got a head start on us and last weekend made FOUR hats. She promised to bring in pictures, so check back with us and take a peek at her knitting prowess.

I am knitting a hat in a similar style to Bonne Marie, but it is a pattern from a book and will be felted after I am through knitting it. It's supposed to be knit really big and then it will shrink to 2/3 its size during the wash cycle. Marie stopped by my room after school, so I tried it on to show her, but the hat FITS! Shoot. Now on my drive home I'll be thinking about whether or not I should rip the whole thing out and try again, or give it to my 7-year old when done.

Stay tuned!


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