Tuesday, February 14, 2006

And we're off!

Picking up the challenge from the Yarn Harlot, I have taken on knitting up Birch from Rowan Magazine No. 34 in lime by February 26.

I have knit Birch once before. Last summer I had planned Birch as a June project and began knitting her in liqueur. I had some trouble. Thank goodness for other Birch knitting bloggers! I didn't have much success until I started using straight needles and, misguidedly, I knit Birch on size 6 needles rather than the called for size 8. As you can imagine, Birch was a little snug.

So I gave it away and vowed to pick up Birch again in a color better suited to my complexion.

On Friday after school, I hustled over to City Knitting to pick up some Kidcrack Haze in just any sort of purple color. No deal. No Kidsilk Haze and no purple.

They DID have Kid Seta in lime. Which works for me.

On Friday night I managed to cast on the 299 stitches and knit an entire pattern repeat. I think it took me two hours. My goal for the first five or six repeats is one a day. Which I was meeting . . . until last night. I have the worst cold ever. I couldn't even knit last night -- I just laid on the sofa, sleeping and waking, aching and sneezing. Ugh!

On Sunday I discovered I dropped a stitch. I tore into it and took out stitches, knitted them up again, until I fixed the dropped stitch to perfection. Monday night I discovered another dropped stitch, but simply laddered it back up and really, you can't tell. Frogging back is too risky for the Olympics.

So here we are at 3.5 pattern repeats:

Part of the challenge of Birch is knitting with the thread like, whispy yarn, in lace. So in preparation, I first knit a lace poncho with a DK weight handsput yarn:

Then, over Christmas, I acted on some summer inspiration, and knit the Vintage Capelet for Lizzie in Kid Seta Pink.

LeAnn's pony project was the inspiration. When Lizzie saw her version on the computer, she knew she had to have it! I knit it as written, however, but in that laceweight stuff. She is set for Easter.

My favorite tip for knitting Birch is to use stitch counters every 10 stitches. That way, if you find yourself short in stitches at the end of the row, it's easier to find where in the lace pattern to start looking for the mess up. One of my typical mistakes is in row 7. I sometimes fail to psso. When I know which set of stitches to look for, it helps me to make up the mistake later. My stitch counters are the cheapest thing ever -- they are orthodontic rubberbands I stole from my daughter. Her braces are off, she doesn't need them anymore. I don't know what I'm going to do when I run out. Maybe I'll have another kid ready for braces! Hmmm. I think it would be less expensive to buy something else.

The flame is burning and the knitting is waiting. I'm off!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, Mrs. Lockwood. The lime kid seta shawl is gorgeous. And thanks for the City Knitting Link. -Lorilee

1:47 PM  

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